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Kathryn Williamson

Kathryn’s jewellery is inspired by her collection of personal treasure trove,  including inherited and found pottery with which she combines elements of enamel, precious and semi precious stones and textured and patterned acrylic.

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Pauline Montgomery’s seen ceramic houses are the maker’s signature pieces. Everything she produces is individually hand made using earthenware and Scottish brick clay.

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Lawrie Harris

Lawrie graduated from Grays School of Art in the middle years of last century, since when his work has found its way into collections in USA, Bahamas, Australia and UK, including HRH the Prince Philip.

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Fran Marquis

Fran Marquis studied at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art. She taught for years on the evening programme at Gray’s Faculty of Art and Design.


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Nikki Monaghan

Nikki Monaghan was born in 1971. She gained a BA(Hons) Degree in Printed Textiles at The Scottish College of Textiles in 1994, and an NC in Silversmithing at Falkirk College in 1990. She has worked as an interior stylist throughout the UK, and now concentrates on her paintings and community arts.

She says: “I have always been been drawn to landscape and coastal scenes, and the shapes and patterns found in our everyday surroundings. Recently however, figures have been appearing in my artwork in my usual naive manner. I am influenced by colour and pattern, and inspired by memories. I paint all of my work on canvas and use a variety of medium, acrylic, oil pastels and collage.

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Hilke MacIntyre

Hilke MacIntyre studied at the College for Art & Architecture in Kiel and is now working as an artist near St Andrews.

Her paintings, linocuts and ceramic reliefs are exhibited in galleries throughout Britain. Her work has been selected many times for the annual show at the Royal Scottish Academy.

“I work in a simplified figurative style and enjoy using bold shapes, strong colours and patterns. The world around me, especially nature, animals and people, give me plenty ideas for pictures. Particular influences are primitive art, artists of the early 20th century and contemporary design.”
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Victoria Wylie Hale

Horizon lines and patterns in the landscape have long been a fascination of Victoria’s, Drawn to the visual tensions that arise when sky meets sea meets land, she translates these experiences into mixed media paintings.

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Paul Bartlett

Paul is best known for his collage and mixed media works depicting many species of wildlife.

Often combining collage with acrylics or pastels, he uses pertinent publications for his works adding an extra facet to the painting by sourcing articles which relate to the subject.

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Elizabeth Watson

Elizabeth paints symbolic figurative landscape and sea related images with different colours using a palette knife, in acrylics, collage and mixed media. She has also recently produced a series of ‘Cat’ paintings. Her work is highly textured and bold.

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Eileen Gatt

Eileen graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and the Royal College of Art in London. She has been inspired by living in the Black Isle, ancient stories, customs and Scottish folklore to create pieces that create an element of fantasy, bringing these ancient myths into our modern world.

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